Introducing Truebit Verify: The Future of Verified Computing

Introducing Truebit Verify: The Future of Verified Computing

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Today we are announcing Truebit Verify, our next-generation verified computing platform. We have built Truebit Verify from the ground-up to bring transparency and security to the critical application functions that live outside of ledgers. Web3 applications that use offchain data, trigger actions through external APIs, move data between blockchains, or rely on AI models and other complex functions now have the ability to prove the authenticity and integrity of these otherwise “black box” actions. 

By our estimate, 99% of the code used by most Web3 apps runs offchain, often casting doubt over the transactions that ultimately get recorded on a ledger. Truebit Verify creates a new, transparent application layer where data integration, cross-chain operations and outside functions execute securely on a decentralized, offchain compute network — and in doing so provides immutable proof of correctness in the form of a Truebit Certified Transcript.

Truebit Verify is an entirely new platform underpinned by the ground-breaking verification game that Truebit introduced in 2015. We use the power of verification to bring transparency to critical Web3 backend code that until now has run in the shadows of cloud hosting services. Truebit Verify’s serverless functions and API integration framework allow developers to execute offchain code written in languages including JavaScript, Rust, and C++, while maintaining consensus-based security. 

With our roots in certification of complex computations for Ethereum smart contracts, Truebit has been on a long journey to extend this capability beyond blockchain. Truebit Verify takes this a giant leap further by allowing code execution to be proven trustworthy even when it’s not attached to any blockchain at all. As Web3 expands beyond its infancy to become the infrastructure for self-provisioning, self-executing, AI-accelerated automation, we believe that verification is the cornerstone of trust. 

As part of today’s announcement, we are excited to open our Early Access Program for Truebit Verify. We invite you to join the developers and businesses using Truebit Verify to build decentralized applications that go beyond the limitations of traditional blockchains. But more importantly, we invite you to demand proof of origin when importing or exporting application data as well as evidence of processing details.

While we carefully roll-out Truebit Verify over the course of the Early Access Program, we continue to support Truebit OS. Both Truebit OS and Truebit Verify rely on the same underlying economics that powers the verification game.

Register your interest in our Early Access Program here

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