On a mission to verify the world’s information

At Truebit, we’re building the next generation of transparent verification to make Web3 development accessible, reliable, and possible for real world applications. 

Building a foundation of trust and reliability

Truebit verification provides a new set of standards for building Web3 applications that interact seamlessly with your offchain code.

Truebit Verify offers seamless integration with existing systems and applications, making it easy to adopt and implement across various departments. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise this software.

Jenny Wilson


Truebit Verify offers seamless integration with existing systems and applications, making it easy to adopt and implement across various departments.

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Leading innovation in transparent verification

Our purpose

We’re driven by a common purpose: to create a transparent solution for builders and data owners to verify what’s true so they can rely on the integrity of data, systems and organizations.


Our team of distributed experts work together with a foundation of shared values to Educate, Inspire and Connect our community with diverse perspectives and curious technologists to inspire innovative, real-world applications over moonshot speculations.

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What is Truebit Verify?

Truebit Verify is a verified computing platform, paving the way for developers to unlock the full potential of Web3 by building certified, interoperable applications that integrate seamlessly with any data source, interact across multiple ledgers, and execute complex code.

Built on a foundation of transparent computation, Truebit Verify provides a new level of authentication with provable, off-ledger code execution for the 99% of application logic that exists outside of blockchains while allowing developers to write code in familiar languages and deploy applications iteratively and quickly.

To learn more about our next-generation verification platform, check out our announcement.

What is a Web3 application?

Web3 applications leverage decentralized compute as part of their architecture. Unlike traditional web applications which operate on centralized servers, Web3 applications can be more transparent, resistant to censorship, and more secure. Web3 applications often use blockchain platforms to handle transactions and cryptography to ensure the integrity and security of data.

Web3 applications aim to give users more control over their own data and digital interactions. Web3 uses tamper-proof storage and verifiable code execution to build trust in self-provisioning, self-executing applications.

What is the Truebit Verification Game?

Multiple Truebit Nodes execute each task in parallel. If Nodes don’t agree on task output, the Truebit Verification Game forces nodes to prove their work at the machine-code level. Financial incentives and penalties gamify the process in a way that incentives correct behavior. For more details, read our ground-breaking whitepaper.

Who can use Truebit’s Verification Platform?

We are currently in a closed beta. Anyone can apply to join our Early Access Program! Please submit your application here.

I would like to get started using Truebit’s verification platform; how do I get started?

Truebit Verify is currently in a closed beta. You can request network access to our Early Access program via the application here. You’ll receive instructions on how to get started once you’re in!

I’ve submitted my application to the Early Access Program. When will I be able to start using Truebit Verify?

Thank you for your interest! We’re granting early access to the platform on a limited basis while in beta. We regularly add new cohorts to our Early Access program and will be in touch regarding your application upon acceptance.

If you’d like to know more about our verification platform, you can contact us at hello@truebit.io, and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

Can I still use Truebit on Ethereum?

Yes. As we carefully rollout Truebit Verify over the course of the Early Access Program, we continue to support Truebit on Ethereum.

Does Truebit Verify use the TRU token?

Yes. TRU is an Ethereum-based token that powers task economics. Both Truebit on Ethereum and Truebit Verify use TRU to incentivize task execution.

How do I contact Truebit?

You can reach us on GitHub, Gitter, X (Twitter) or email us at hello@truebit.io.

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