2024 DevOps predictions: Web3 – A new generation of infrastructure

2024 DevOps predictions: Web3 – A new generation of infrastructure

This article was originally published at https://www.devopsdigest.com/2024-devops-predictions-2


Web3 technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about enterprise computing. In 2024, developers will see the benefits of a new generation of infrastructure emerging leveraging consensus, verification, and transparency to address some of the most significant new challenges in enterprise computing today. Web3 factors in as IT leaders increasingly seek a more open market for compute. The factors driving the shift to hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructures are the same forces underlying Web3: security, reliability, risk mitigation, portability, interoperability, and cost control. As we refactor cloud architectures to accommodate this shift, Web3 naturally emerges as the next evolution of the compute we rely on today — from VMs to containers to serverless functions.

See the full article for all 2024 DevOps predictions: https://www.devopsdigest.com/2024-devops-predictions-2

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