Smart Contract Developer Lead


Ethereum smart contracts have limited computation power.  Is it possible to overcome this constraint?  

Enter, the open source TrueBit project.  At TrueBit, our mission is to bring off-chain execution power to the blockchain, with a verified result you can trust every time.   Through a novel incentive structure and architecture, the TrueBit protocol allows trustless, secure, scalable consensus on large computations orders of magnitude beyond what's possible in Ethereum today.  TrueBit is more than a "scalability" solution for Ethereum.  It's a unanimous form of consensus that can trustlessly grab data across external sources, including other blockchains.   

Imagine sitting around in the 1990's working on HTTP / SMTP protocols -- technology that is used by billions... daily.  This is your chance to relive that conversation, to help design one of the critical building blocks enabling decentralized computing, and to see your creative output utilized by a massive open-source community.   

TrueBit is a Polychain Capital portfolio company.  The team is led by Jason Teutsch who co-discovered the Verifier's Dilemma. Christian Reitwiessner, the lead developer of Ethereum's smart contract language, coauthored TrueBit's whitepaper.  Trent McConaghy, founder of BigChain DB, and Fred Ehrsam, founder of Coinbase, back the project.  TrueBit has received citations in the Golem, Livepeer, and 1Protocol whitepapers.



The TrueBit Protocol:

TrueBit's core consists of a contract interface where a user can request a solution to a computational task, and any participant can solve it in exchange for a reward. The system functions correctly with minimal resources as only one honest challenger must verify each solution.  For the first time, innovative and cost efficient verification will offer access to a blockchain where individual transactions have non-trivial computational resources.  Please see the link below for protocol details:


Who We Are Looking For:

A smart contracts expert who will implement the Incentive Layer underlying TrueBit, the first ever, trustless, scalable, general purpose computer.

Initially you can work remotely while we explore the prospect of a future co-location space.  Note that this is a full-time, salaried role.


What you will help build:

  • Smart contract components to implement TrueBit's dispute resolution and incentive layers, including reward and penalty schemes

  • Solidity interfaces, extensions, and modules for outward-facing applications.

  • On-chain virtual machine in Solidity emulating WebAssembly state transitions

  • Ethereum-facing interface for the on-chain virtual machine

  • Code to integrate the interactions among Task Givers, Solvers, Verifiers, and Judges

  • Processes to support TrueBit modules for external applications


You Will Be Responsible For:

  • Engaging in technical discussions with leading blockchain projects, including Livepeer and 1Protocol, that will soon interface with TrueBit

  • Implementing best practices for open source development / project management / documentation / bug tracking, quality and maintenance.

  • Mentoring developers in ways that encourage a productive, healthy and happy team

  • Helping to grow and cultivate a developer culture that is transparent, supportive, and focused on delivery

  • Leading and/or participating in (distributed) team coordination efforts/agile practices such as: video team meetings, daily scrums/standups, sprint planning, and estimation sessions

  • Acting as an evangelist for our technology strategy by giving occasional talks / writing articles to attract wider community interest in our work

  • Raising technical risks to project stakeholders that could impact performance, security, or scalability in the future


Skills You Need:


  • Computer science / mathematics background or equivalent experience

  • Experience implementing blockchain / Ethereum Dapps, smart contracts. and Solidity-based components

  • Comfortable with technologies related to Ethereum and the Solidity language

  • Strong communication skills and ability to articulate complex ideas and concepts

  • Demonstrated ability to adapt and learn in fast paced environment

  • Demonstrated ability to initiate, coordinate and drive efforts through to completion


Good To Have

  • Contribution to open source projects.  Even better if you took a leadership role in such efforts and are comfortable managing such development efforts.

  • Experience working in a distributed team with additional, open source contributors


For Bonus Points

  • Game theory / theoretical computer science / security background

  • Development or research experience

  • Quantitative research publications viewed favorably