Truebit Verify​

Cloud-like simplicity, blockchain-grade security.

Truebit Verify’s brings serverless compute to the decentralized world of Web3.


Easily add verified tasks to any application

Develop, build, test and deploy tasks instantly

Call tasks from anywhere with web services interface

Verified output in less than a second

Cross-chain interoperability / sufficient decentralization

Bringing transparency to offchain compute​

Truebit Verify is underpinned by the latest research in verified compute. Our technical report lays out transparency as a new standard for certifying the integrity of decentralized compute tasks.


Verification guarantees compute integrity

Instant response

Each Truebit Serverless Function Task is executed in parallel by multiple Truebit Verify Nodes. The Truebit Verify Hub transparently routes tasks and checks results. If all nodes provide the same output, an initial verification result is returned for the Truebit task. Users can increase the number of verification nodes to provide extra integrity checks while still maintaining an instant response.

Instant response

Low-level checks 

Low-level checks 

If Truebit Verify Nodes return different results, a second verification round is needed to determine the correct result. Each participating Truebit Verify Node is now subject to verification at the machine code level. The Truebit Verification Game determines who is at fault by challenging nodes to prove each computational step of the function.

Notarized API execution

The Truebit Verify Hub executes API Tasks by directly calling an API endpoint. This allows API credentials and data to be kept private. Truebit Verify Nodes use a shared session key to verify the communication between the Hub and the API endpoint. 

Notarized API execution

Attested results

Attested results

Each action taken to verify a Truebit Task is signed cryptographically by the Truebit Hub and Truebit Nodes who execute the code. These signed events are written to a Truebit Certified Transcript, which is hashed and rolled-up to a public blockchain. The Truebit Certified Transcript audits the validity of the inputs, outputs and code for every Truebit Task execution.

Connect. Secure. Innovate.

Open your Web3 application to the full universe of data and provide immutable proof of execution for even the most complex functions.

Launching in 2024

‘Trust no one’ architecture built for speed and connectivity

Blockchain-based audit layer ensures transparency   

Real-Time connectivity

Instant transcripts, permanent attestations

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